How To: Tie a summer scarf

Tie a summer scarf

Brianna of First Date Boutique gives us several different ways to tie a summer scarf. This light and airy accessory can add an extra touch to any outfit, and Brianna runs down each style, and then, using herself as the model, shows us exactly how it's done. First up, we have a wide and loose style, where the scarf covers almost your entire front, looking almost like a poncho. Second, a style similar to how you wear a winter scarf, with the two distinct ends coming out and across your chest. Third, she shows us how to bunch the entire accessory up around your neck, in the most trendiest of these examples. And lastly, she instructs us how to wear it as a simple sarong. Using this video, and a cute new scarf, it'll be easy to add an extra dash of something to your summer wardrobe.

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