How To: Wear a scarf by creating contrast and texture

Wear a scarf by creating contrast and texture

In this video, we learn how to wear a scarf by creating contrast and texture. A squared shaped scarf with contrasting patterns will look great with anything that you are wearing. To wear this, make it into a triangle, then tie the ends together around the back of the neck. Then, you can let the scarf hang down on the front to add a texture to your look. A solid color scarf is also great if you are wearing a simple top to add a splash of color. You can tie this around the neck one, then let the sides hang, or you can tie it in a knot around your neck. Use these tips to spice up your outfit with any scarf!

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I think it is the best idea but i will try this when i believed that i can make personalised scarves to support my football team. If it possible then please make me know and i will surely pin it.

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