How To: Cut up your t-shirt and look unique and stylish

Cut up your t-shirt and look unique and stylish

In this Beauty & Style video tutorial you will learn how to cut up your t-shirt and look unique and stylish. Take a loose baggy style shirt and make two marks with scissors just near the shoulder seam. Then cut down the center of the t-shirt about 2inches. Now cut from the shoulder marks up to the center point and on the back just cut straight along the shoulder cut marks. Then cut open the top part of the sleeves little short of the shoulder seams. After this cut off the bottom seam. Then stretch the neck, the cut parts of the sleeves and the bottom of the t-shirt and wear it.

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I did my daughters old dress and she looooooooooooves it

I finally found a way to make my old shirts pretty!
Some of the other tutorials I found were very hard to do.
This a simple and cute way to do it.
Please keep posting tutorials!

Awesome!!! Thanks so much! gonna use this for one of my old shirts to look cute and casual at a concert!! :) keep up the nice videos!!

Well, I'm heading out to pick up a brand new pair of good scissors!!!

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