How To: Shred your t-shirt 70's style

Shred your t-shirt 70's style

In this Beauty & Style video tutorial you will learn how to shred your t-shirt 70's style. For this you need a pair of fabric scissors and a t-shirt. Hold the t-shirt over your body, measure it up to the hip on the right side and make a snip with the scissors. The fabric will shrink, so, keep little extra margin. Now cut it diagonally from the snip down to the seam on the other side of the t-shirt. Cut off the seams from both the sleeves and cut up the sleeves from the end right up to the seam of the shoulder. The cuts can be about the width of a finger. Do this for both the sleeves and all around the sleeves. Now draw a line parallel to the bottom edge at about 2 – 3 inches and make cuts all along the bottom up to the line. Then you got to stretch all the cut pieces so that the edges curl up and your new t-shirt is ready.

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