How To: Wear a turquoise dress ten different ways for summer

Wear a turquoise dress ten different ways for summer

Due to the dour economy, sometimes it's best to conserve one's resources for more vital expenditures like, oh, we don't know, food, rather than blow it on new shirts from Urban Outfitters and that pair of boot cut J Brand jeans you've been eyeing.

One of the easiest ways to save on your fashion budget is simply by re-wearing what you already have. And no, we don't mean wearing the same shirt every day. Rather, it's smart to invest in one piece that'll give you a lot of mileage by transforming into different pieces of clothing. Take the turquoise dress in this video, for instance.

It can be transformed into a skirt, a sundress, a scarf, a top, and many other permutations. Get a similar smock top skirt of a similar cut and learn how to squeeze every last ounce of fashion juice out of that sucker!

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