How To: Make a pair of galoshes out of duct tape

Make a pair of galoshes out of duct tape

No one likes getting their feet stuck in the mud. With this video, learn how to make your own pair of rain boots out of things you already have around the house. You will be dry while looking stylish and unique!
You Will Need
• Scissors
• Cardboard
• Insoles
• Socks
• Newspaper
• Duct tape
• Shoe insoles (optional)

Step 1: Cut sole
Cut two soles from the cardboard, using the insoles from your shoes as guides. Then slip your cut-out soles into an old pair of socks.
You can also insert an old pair of insoles into the socks.

Step 2: Stuff with newspaper
Stuff the socks with newspaper to create a form for the boots. Add extra stuffing to the tops of the foot and ankle areas to make sure you'll be able to easily slip them on and off.

Step 3: Add duct tape
Apply duct taping horizontally across the middle of the foot areas. Overlap pieces of tape by about ½-inch. Tape the socks until they're completely covered.

Step 4: Remove stuffing
Remove the stuffing and try the boots on for comfort. Carefully cut areas that are too large or too small, and re-tape as necessary.

Step 5: Pray for rain
Pray for rain so you can go outside and play in the mud with your cool duct-tape boots.

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