How To: Make a bubble tube top out of your bf's underwear

Make a bubble tube top out of your bf's underwear

Ladies, it seems to be the trend to wear boyfriend cuts in clothes so here's a video that will show you how to create a creative super cute and girly top using a guys shirt and tighty-whities. You can wear guy clothing and still look very feminine.

You need:

+ Thread

+ Needle

+ Boyfriend T-shirt (the larger the better)

+ Boy brief

(Due to religious & sanitary reasons, I bought my own Fruit of the Loom boy briefs pack, size 14 at Target for about $5)

let's get started:

1. Grab your boy brief & cut off the elastic part.

The rest of brief you don't need, so you can toss it or try to use it for making roses, flowers, or something spiffy.

2. Grab your inside-out boyfriend t-shirt.

Cut everything off (see image below: cut along the dotted red lines) so you have just a tube piece of cloth, with about 3-4 inch slits (sky blue lines) on both sides.

3. Grab your needle, thread, boy brief elastic & your cut boyfriend t-shirt/tube piece.

This is a bit hard and hard to explain, but you're going to make a scrunchy-like hem.

Create your new hem with the elastic placed inside, by folding over the edges and sewing it.

4. Your hem will look like this - a scrunchy thing.

This is how your tube top will get its bubble effect.

5. Put it on!

Grab the slits, stretch it a little, tie it together and tuck in the rest or create a bow! That will give your tube top that nice drape-like effect in the front.

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