How To: Make a fringy scarf

Make a fringy scarf

Candice shows viewers how to make Megan Nicolay's shredded t-shirt fringy scarf! All you need is a t-shirt and scissors. First lay out your t-shirt flat on the surface. With your scissors, cut as straight as you can, right across the logo on your shirt. Take the bottom part of the shirt, and cut open one side so you now have one long piece. Now, you will want to cut strips into one side of the scarf. it looks great when your strips are long and skinny. You should do this all the way across one side of the fabric. Next, you will make the strips skinnier and curly by pulling the strips down. A quick slight tug will make them look great. After this, you can sport your great cheap t-shirt fringy scarf!

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