How To: Wear Sailor Pants to the Office

Wear Sailor Pants to the Office

Sailor pants for the office? This look can be tricky, but with some careful styling you can pull together a sleek and professional look. In this video, we show you how to do just that.

Step 1 Proper Fit

Pick sailor pants with a mid- or high-rise. The whole point is to make you legs look longer.

Step 2 Fabric

Make sure you choose a fabric that is mid- to heavy weight. This will conceal panty lines.

Step 3 Top

Pair the pants with a blouse. Tuck it in to continue the long line of the look.

Step 4 Jacket or Cardigan

Wear a jacket or cardigan over the blouse. Go for cropped and tailored to accentuate the long wide bottoms.

Step 5 Accessorize

A brooch is an elegant and professional choice.

Step 6 Shoes

Wear heels and make sure your hem just grazes the floor.


  • Always bring the shoes you are going to wear with your pants to the tailor so the hem is just right.

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