How to Wear Sailor Pants to the Office

Sailor pants for the office? This look can be tricky, but with some careful styling you can pull together a sleek and professional look. In this video, we show you how to do just that.

Step 1 Proper Fit

Pick sailor pants with a mid- or high-rise. The whole point is to make you legs look longer.

Step 2 Fabric

Make sure you choose a fabric that is mid- to heavy weight. This will conceal panty lines.

Step 3 Top

Pair the pants with a blouse. Tuck it in to continue the long line of the look.

Step 4 Jacket or Cardigan

Wear a jacket or cardigan over the blouse. Go for cropped and tailored to accentuate the long wide bottoms.

Step 5 Accessorize

A brooch is an elegant and professional choice.

Step 6 Shoes

Wear heels and make sure your hem just grazes the floor.


  • Always bring the shoes you are going to wear with your pants to the tailor so the hem is just right.

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