How To: Dress if you're apple-shaped

Dress if you're apple-shaped

Here's the good news about being a bit thick around the middle: It's easy to disguise.
You Will Need
* Clothes that elongate your figure
* One-piece swimsuits

Step 1
Visually distract from the roundness of your torso with deep V-neck tunics, blouses with asymmetrical bottoms, and wrap-around sweaters. Avoid turtlenecks and busy patterns.

Don't wear tops shorter than your hipbone.

Step 2
Elongate your figure with sheath dresses that come with a matching long coat or jacket. Empire-waist dresses are also flattering.

Step 3
Wear tailored jackets that nip in at the middle, and leave them unbuttoned. This will create the illusion of a waist.

Choose jackets that are the length of your fingertips when your arms are at your side.

Step 4
Choose trousers and skirts whose zipper is on the side or the back to avoid calling attention to your stomach.

Step 5
Wear belts that define your waist, like belts around coats and dresses, but avoid them on pants, since they can add bulk to your waist. Look for low-waisted skirts and pants, which cut across the stomach making it look half its size.

Step 6
Favor one-piece swimsuits, which are good at camouflaging a round torso. Try a surplice style, which is a wraparound bodice. It helps minimize a large stomach.

Fact: The record holder for the world's smallest waist measures just 15 inches, approximately the circumference of a regular jar of mayonnaise.

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