How To: Make Sailor Moon feather & pearl cosplay hair clips

Make Sailor Moon feather & pearl cosplay hair clips

This video is a demonstration of how to make Sailor Moon style hair clips. Start with two alligator clips, six half pearls, craft foam, glue, a pencil and scissors. Draw an outline of a feather shape on the craft foam and cut it out. Trace around the cut-out to make several more and cut them out. Spread some glue on the top of an alligator clip and stick the feathers shapes on in an overlapping design. Put some glue on the back of each half pearl and stick it to the clip at the base of each feather shape. Clip the barrette onto something to dry so the glue won't make the barrette stick closed. She demonstrates another version of the hair clips with just the pearls and no feathers. By following these instructions, you can make cool Sailor Moon barrettes.

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