How To: Wear bold printed skirts 3 different ways

Wear bold printed skirts 3 different ways

In this video, you will learn how to wear a bold flower print skirt in three different ways for going to school, a job interview or going out to a club.

For the schoolgirl look, choose a dark top to draw attention to the bright colors in the skirt without overpowering it. Use minimal accessories and pair it with flats for a natural look.

Change the outfit into a job interview ensemble by wearing a black top and black chunky shoes. Accessorize a bit more with a purse that matches the colors of the skirt for a professional look.

Now you're ready to party in your bright, bold skirt. This time choose a flashy blouse that matches the main color of the skirt. A wide black belt and a cool black jacket will pull it all together for that clubbing look. Don't forget your funky dancing shoes.

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