How To: Wear a scarf 11 different ways

Wear a scarf 11 different ways

DulceCandy87 will be showing you 11 different ways you can wear your scarf. You can start by just letting it hang from you neck so both ends are hanging in front of you. Then another way is to wrap it once with one side so that one end is hanging from the front and the other from the back. You can also wrap both ends around your neck so they hang from your back. Or you can have it go from behind your neck and under your arms and tied around your back. You can also have it around your with both ends in front of you but have it opened up so that it covers you. Or you can have it covered around you and have it tied once in the front. You can also fold the scarf, wrap it around your neck, and put one end through the loop and lightly pull it through only some of the way so its kind of loose. You can also wear it around your waist, you can have it tied around the front or back. You can also wear it like a skirt for if you're on the beach wearing a bikini.

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