How To: Fold a pocket square to spruce up your suit

Fold a pocket square to spruce up your suit

Everyone knows that dressing for success can give you an edge. Invest in a pocket square and put you and your suit over the top. Watch this video to learn how to fold a pocket square.

You Will Need

* A pocket square

Step 1. Iron the square

Iron your pocket square to achieve crisp folds.

For silk squares, use the lowest iron setting and place a cotton cloth over the square.

Step 2. Position the square

Position the pocket square flat on a table in a diamond shape.

Step 3. Bring the bottom corner up

Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner, forming a triangle.

Step 4. Fold the left corner in

Fold the left corner of the triangle in toward the middle, slightly overlapping the center line of the triangle.

Step 5. Fold the right corner in

Fold the right corner of the triangle in toward the center in the same way.

Step 6. Check the folds

Flip your pocket square over so that it looks like a long rectangle with a point at the top center.

Step 7. Place the pocket square in your pocket

Place your pocket square in your breast pocket with the point facing up and the folds to the back.

Many softer pocket squares can slip down into the pocket; hand-woven, textured silks tend to latch onto fabric.

Step 8. Adjust pocket square

Adjust the pocket square until you see a triangle peeking out of your pocket. Boy, do you look sharp!

FACT: Men started to place clean handkerchiefs in their breast pockets in the 19th century.

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