How To: Fold a Pocket Square with a handkerchief

Fold a Pocket Square with a handkerchief

This video teaches three different ways to fold a pocket square with a handkerchief. The three different folds are the straight fold, one point fold and puff fold. To make the Straight fold: Fold the kerchief into half from the side and fold the bottom to the top leaving some space at top . Now fold the left side a little, fold its other side over its top and fold the bottom till the center to finish. To make One point fold: Place the kerchief flat in a diamond shape, fold the bottom corner to its top forming a triangle. Fold its left side to the right leaving some space and its other side the same. Fold the excess to the back and fold its bottom to the center to finish. To make the Puff fold: Place the kerchief in a diamond shape, lift it from the center as the natural folds come together. Now hold its center, bring its bottom part to the back and adjust the puff to finish.

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