How To: Make cosplay goth cat ears

Make cosplay goth cat ears

The video is all about making a cat ear. The lady explained the steps we need to follow while making our own cat ears. For making the cat ears, we need fake fur fabric, which should form a square when we fold it half, a white down feather, a glue gun, scissors and a diadem.

First she took the fake fur and cut that into two squares and glued it to a triangle. After it got dried, she cut the edges so that it fix to the diadem. After that she glued the ends of the fake fur and pasted it to the diadem.

She Cut small pieces out of the down feather and glue it at the middle of the cat's ear. Finally after the cat ear was ready to use, she wore that cat ear. She also wore another cat ear made of white with pink down feather.

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