How To: Wear a Hijab in many different styles

Wear a Hijab in many different styles

For this hijab style, start with hair completely covered and a large rectangular pashmina scarf. Pull the scarf over the head with one side hanging longer than the other. Pull the scarf tightly over the forehead to the nape of the neck and pin it together at the nape. Take the shorter end of the scarf and tuck it back toward the nape of the neck. Then pull the long end under the chin and up around the head until it is tight. Secure the end with a pin. Earrings can be worn through the scarf as accessories. Another way to wear the rectangular pashmina is to use one side to wrap the hair as a turban. Then pull the other end around to cover the neck up to the chin. Alternately, fold a square pashmina into a triangle and pull both ends to the back and secure them tightly at the base of the neck. Pull the triangle ends forward to wrap tightly around the neck.

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