How To: Walk like a pro in high heels

Walk like a pro in high heels

In this video the girls of Sugar Walk Catwalk dot com teach us how to walk in high heels. First you need to find the right heels, and there are three points you want to look for. First the fit of the arch. Second, that the ball of your foot is secured in the bottom. And, thirdly, test the heel balance. If the heels aren't working for you in the store, it's only going to get worse in real life! Once you've got a pair of shoes, we're shown how to make them better with foot petals or gel pads to line the heel of the shoe, and also cushions for the ball of your foot. These will make your heels more comfortable and easier to wear for longer periods of time. Finally, the video explains when you should keep your weight on the front part of your shoes. For example, on stairs on cobblestones, and grass. In general, the heel is like your anchor, but the front of the shoe is the security. When you're starting out with heels, practice at home on carpeting and take it slow. When you go out in your heels, the most important thing is that it's all about confidence. Have good posture, hold your head high, and own it! You'll look great.

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