How To: Walk gracefully and without slipping in high heels

Walk gracefully and without slipping in high heels

Beauty is pain, and there's no better proof of this aphorism than high heels. Whether they're a measly two inches or a whopping six inches, high heels are undeniably the most fabulous and effective way to visually lengthen your legs and make your calf muscles look slim. They come in gorgeous designs and colors and are many gals' favorite fashion accessories. But oh yeah, there's one snatch: they're a pain in the ass to wear for longer than half an hour.

So how do you pull off these sweet morsels of pain they next time you're at a party? Watch this tutorial to get a basic guide to standing and walking in heels. Because no matter how much they hurt, we keep going back to them because they hurt so good (i.e. they're too darn pretty to pass up).

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