How To: Fit a bra properly with this bra fitting guide

Fit a bra properly with this bra fitting guide

If you're not sure whether you're wearing the right bra size, watch this bra fitting how to video. Learn how a bra should look when it fits well. A new bra should feel firm and snug when fastened on the loosest hook; most of the support comes from the band of the bra, so you may need to tighten it to maintain support as the bra stretches with every day wash and wear.

The back of the bra should follow a horizontal line around your body; there should be resistance as you push against the back of the bra but you should comfortably be able to slide two fingers underneath and around the band like this. Make sure your shoulder straps are adjusted so they sit comfortably and you feel supported. The straps shouldn't be so tight they feel as if they are taking the weight of your boobs nor should they be loose enough to slip off your shoulders.

The wires of the bra should follow the line underneath your boobs, finishing in the centre. Your boobs should be fully encased in the cup and the wires in the center should sit flat against your body. The cup material should sit flush against the top of your boobs giving a smooth line and seamless appearance, so your boobs don't bulge out of the top or sides.

When you wear the right bra size not only does it feel comfortable, it also supports and lifts your boobs which gives you an amazing shape and makes you look and feel fantastic. So watch this bra fitting how to video, and learn how to get the perfect fit for your bras.

Fit a bra properly with this bra fitting guide

Fit a bra properly with this bra fitting guide Click through to watch this video on

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ha ha ha.yea right!

it's better if you can be fit at the store... but that can be embarrassing if you put on a few over the summer...

i think your best off getting measured in town thats what i did the buying online as cheaper. I am a 34J and so always now buy online for bra's and womens bikini swimwear

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