How To: Deal with being a flat chested girl

Deal with being a flat chested girl

With the average woman a 36C, it can suck being the flattest girl in the room. Here's how to make the most of what you've got! You will need better posture, the right clothes, the right bra, exercise and eye shadow. Small breasts age better, so don't feel bad about your flatter chest. Use these tips to enhance your natural flat chest.

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this is nudity

I live in Nova Scotia and I didn't know that. That's great, and I wish it had been around when I was in school.

Ooops this was suppose to be on the "How to deal with a bully " video comments thread. : )

This bothered me. Really, Howcast? I think a better title to this video would be, "How to deal with being an insecure, brainwashed female who really thinks that having bigger breasts matters."

really encouraging.. i like it!

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