How To: Find and measure the correct bra size

Find and measure the correct bra size

Cate Adair, a fashion consultant makes many important and useful points in how to find the correct bra size. The first point is that your bra size is constantly changing. Losing/gaining weight, as well as exercise can easily change the size of bra you need. Due to this, it is important to get measured frequently since your size can change. She also points out that different outfits require different types of bras. Cate gives the example that the perfect bra while wearing a t-shirt probably is not ideal for wearing a cocktail dress. She stresses the importance of having a collection of bras. However, it is also important to emphasize quality over quantity. The thing that Cate emphasizes the most is finding the most knowledgeable professional to measure your bra size. She says not to trust just anyone, but find that highly experienced professional that really understands the correct bra size. In the end, finding that perfect bra size will be well worth the effort.

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