How To: Make easy angel wings for cosplay

Make easy angel wings for cosplay

This video illustrate us how to make make easy angel wings for cosplay.

here are the following steps:

Step 1: First of all take all the requirements that is cardboard, feathers, glue , waist band , elastic.

Step 2: Now first of all cut the cardboard in butterfly shape.

Step 3: Now take the feathers and cover one wing of the cardboard butterfly with it so that the feathers protrude outwards.

Step 4: Now on from the bottom of the feather stick another layer of feather so that they protrude outward.

Step 5; Make five to six layer in similar manner and after that decrease the number of feathers in each layer, similarly complete the another wing.

Step 6: Now take these wings and attach to the waistband and leave it for drying. support the wings with frame

Thats it

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