How To: Fix a Stuck Zipper with Zero Tailoring Knowledge

Fix a Stuck Zipper with Zero Tailoring Knowledge

"Oh God! Again this Zipper got stuck. I'm gonna through it away." People… cool! This kinda things can be done on your own… by yourself by some simple household items.

Things you need:

  1. Wax/Candle
  2. Pencil
  3. Lip balm

Really Simple Tips for Fixing a Stuck Zipper

Step 1: Wax/Candle

Apply Wax/Candle Gently on Both Sides of the Zipper for Lubrication.

Step 2: Use Pencil

Do the Same with the Pencil and You Can Also Use Lip Balm, Soap, Coconut Oil to the Zipper with with Some Cotton.

Step 3: Don't Force Pull

It's the Most Important… Don't Ever… Ever… Ever Force the Zipper When It Got Stuck. There's a High Chances of Breaking It and Ruin the Clothing.

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