How To: Make earrings from recycled spoons

Make earrings from recycled spoons

This video is about how to make earring from spoons. So to do this, just follow these simple steps. Things you'll need:
-Flexible plastic spoon- 2 numbers
-Key chain hoop- 2 numbers
-Earring hoop- 2 numbers
-Earring hook- 2 numbers
-Paint- blue and red
-Scissors and file
Step1: First of all, cut off the handle portion of the spoons using scissors. Now you need to carefully remove the sharp edges from the oval portion of the spoon with a file.
Step 2: Punch a hole in this oval portion using a pliers.
Step 3: Paint on this surface as per your design.
Step 4: Insert the key chain hoop in this hole.
Step 5: -Now insert the earring hoop and earring hook into it.
Repeat this process for making the second earring.
That's it.

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