How To: Bling Your Shoes?

Bling Your Shoes?

Today I decided to try out a cool new DIY craft! But seriously, Superwowstyle and DIY crafts! Did you expect? Nah! Neither did I! But these bling shoes were a DIY fashion that I simply could not resist when I realized what potential these old shoes have. the shoes decoration just had to happen once the idea hit my head!

You Will Need:

  1. Your old shoes (clean them up well, as explained in the video)
  2. Crystals, rhinestones or glitter (use any one or in combination - your choice!)
  3. Body Spray
  4. Old cloth
  5. Craft glue (or stronger glue if you are sure of not making mistakes)
  6. Top coat polish
  7. Q-tips
  8. Toothpick
  9. Thin brush
  10. Water based color

Designing time for one shoe (less than 40 minutes)

If you like this, do feel free to make requests for more fashion ideas, accessories, or such DIY videos on clothes, etc!

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