Forum Thread: Modern Glam Rock Looks for Men

Its high time i changed it up again when it comes to my personal style. I've done clean cut, hippy jesus, and weezer nerd. During each of these phases I ended up employing eyeliner for that Rock-God Dave Navarro look, and it suited me very well. The problem is the lack of diverse wardrobe options, my inexperience with hair, and my desire to push the envelope. I want to employ dramatic color(makeup too), say-something hair, and…wait for it… Heels. Yes you heard me right Heels, Anybody heard of Kazaky? Well he/they're not the first to do it. Remember Prince? Bowie? Hell even Lenny Kravitz, although he did the wedge thing, and I feel that wedges are cheating. So here is the challenge. Make Me Over! Here are some some of my past looks for inspiration.

The last is my current experiment at short hair, don't worry its growing back

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