News: How to Make a Difference with Bridgit Mendler & Katie (Sponsored)

How to Make a Difference with Bridgit Mendler & Katie (Sponsored)

Katie wanted to make a difference in the world, and thanks to the ACUVUE 1-DAY Contest, and Disney Channel star and singer, Bridgit Mendler, her dream became a reality. Watch ACUVUE's video below and check out our tips on how you too can begin the transformation and motivate others to make a difference.

Step 1: Find Your Passion

If you're going to change the world, it's important to find what motivates, empowers, and drives your passion in order to equally ignite that passion in others.

Step 2: Give Your Time

Volunteer with a non-profit that is close to your heart. For Katie, music has been a huge part of her life ever since she was little. Bridgit Mendler brought Katie to meet Scott at Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit music program that provides hard-hit schools with music education.

Step 3: Share Your Talents

Trust in your abilities and share your talents with those around you. Confidence is contagious and will motivate others to seek and share their own talents and passions. At the end of her mentorship day, Katie was surprised with the opportunity to sing with Bridgit up on stage.

Step 4: Give Back

By donating brand new instruments to Little Kids Rock, Bridgit and Katie were able to ensure a new wave of budding musicians to find their voice and begin their own rise to stardom.

Earlier this year ACUVUE received hundreds of submissions from teens, each one disclosing what they hope to accomplish one day as part of the 2013 ACUVUE 1-DAY Contest.

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