News: Buff loafers with bananas

Buff loafers with bananas

Fact: the banana is the perfect food. It is a potassium packed snack, CD scratch remover and a prank device.

Now, we've got yet one more 'a-ppealing' (get it?) reason to love the banana. Throw out the shoe polish. Here is the solution to dirty shoes!

Polishing your shoes with the peel will give leather an instant and inexpensive shine. Credit goes to our accented friends at the UK's VideoJug.

Though the video is wholly British, the concept is an idea lifted from Japanese Urazawa. During Japan's early 20th century depression, people were forced to innovate to save money. Urawaza-inspired inventions include the nose oil beer foam trick and baking soda-lemon deodorant.

Polish shoes with a banana

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