How To: Work a White Button Down Shirt

Work a White Button Down Shirt

White. It never goes out of style. Especially the basic white button down. It's a must-have shirt for any wardrobe. But you can't just get any old white shirt. Here, we cover three different looks with a white button down, as well as a few pointers on finding that perfects white shirt and keeping it in tip-top shape.

Step 1 First look

Wear a basic white shirt with a pencil skirt for an office look. Wear a bright red belt for some extra color.

Step 2 Second look

 Wear a white shirt under a shift dress. The white against your face with brighten your face.

Step 3 Third look

 Accessorize! White shirts are a blank canvas for your individual style to shine.


  • Pick a style/cut that suits you best.
  • Watch the type of fabric. Different fabrics need different care. Read the label.
  • Careful with bleach. Too much bleach turns whites yellow over time.

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