How To: Wear a Tutu Skirt to the Office

Wear a Tutu Skirt to the Office

Who doesn't love a romantic tutu skirt? You don't have to save this look for weekends only. You can make this style work for the office as well by following these tips.

Step 1 Color

Any color works except pink. No ballerinas allowed in the office! Keep it gown up.

Step 2 Length

Keep it around knee length for work.

Step 3 Top

Wear a tailored top and jacket to balance out the girliness.

Step 4 Legs

Wear tights and pumps to keep it professional, or wear an over-the-knee boot.

Step 5 Accessorize

Keep accessories simple. The tutu is the main focus.


  • Check your overall look and make sure it is all professional.

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