How To: Wear a full formal kilt outfit with accessories

Wear a full formal kilt outfit with accessories

In this tutorial, we learn how to wear a full formal kilt outfit with accessories. You will need: socks, garters, shoes, kilt, sporran, kilt pin, jacket, vest, and knife. First, put your socks on, then wear the garter around the sock, folding the top of the sock over the top of the garter. After this, put your shoes on, by lacing them up to the top of the socks. Next, open your kilt and wrap it around your wait. The strap should go through the buckle, then through the hole in the strap. Secure all the different buckles throughout the entire kilt, then move on to your next piece of clothing. Now, place your sporran on your body, strapping it behind you so the buckle lies in the back. A kilt pin should be pinned through the front apron only, four inches up from the bottom hem. After this, place your vest and jacket on, buckling all the different buckles on the outfit and you are ready to go out!

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