How To: Use tile grout to make a cosplay-inspired star

Use tile grout to make a cosplay-inspired star

In this video tutorial from StudioMallory, learn how to take Mapei premixed adhesive and grout and turn it into a six-point star. Begin by cutting out the star shape in a piece of cardboard. You can use a stencil to make sure the shape is accurate. With your fingers, spread the grout onto the shape. After you are done shaping the grout, spray a little bit of water on the grout to help you smooth out any rough edges on your star. Set the star on a flat surface and allow it to dry overnight. The next day repeat the process with the grout on the other side of the cardboard. When it's dry, sand out the star, making sure to wear a face mask so that you don't breathe in the shavings. Using tile grout instead of clay ensures that if the star is dropped, it won't break.

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