How To: Treat acne with Mesotherapy

Treat acne with Mesotherapy

In this tutorial, Jackie Silver tells us how to treat acne with mesotherapy. Acne can occur in all ages, whether you're a teen or an adult. Once your glands get plugged up, it results in acne, and mesotherapy can help treat this. You must go to a doctor to get this therapy, as it's not something you can do yourself. Find a doctor in your area that offers these services, and schedule a consultation. Make sure to ask before and after pictures to see how their work looks. Your doctor may want to do a small test on a patch of skin to see how it reacts to the injections. Remember to find a doctor that has experience with this, as you don't want to be injected and have a serious reaction to the treatment.

Treat acne with Mesotherapy

Treat acne with Mesotherapy Click through to watch this video on

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