How To: Tie a necktie from a first person point of view

Tie a necktie from a first person point of view

Windsor knots are among the most well-known type of knot. They look wonderful and they just seem to radiate talent and professionalism. However, the process is painless and takes only minutes to learn. You should watch this if you want to learn how to make Windsor knot. 1. Drape the tie over your shoulders (the same way that you would an Honors cords at a graduation) with the wide end hanging down roughly a foot over your right shoulder. 2. Take the wide end of the tie and cross it over the narrow end. 3. Wrap the wide end completely around your soon to be knot until it is pointing to the left. 4. Bring the wide end up through the space between your tie and your shirt. 5. Take the wide end down through the loop created by the narrow end. If done correctly, the narrow end should be completely hidden behind the wide end. 6. Using both of your hands, raise or lower the knot until it rests comfortably on your neck. Lower your collar over the tie and you're finished. After following these simple steps, you can now tie that perfect Windsor knot on your own.

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