How To: Tie a double windsor knot step-by-step

Tie a double windsor knot step-by-step

Our host Roe is going to show you how to tie a double Windsor knot into a tie, with this quick step by step guide. To begin, you want to make sure the wider front end of the tie is on your right side and the little end is shortened to about the pectoral level of your chest. Next, you want to cross the two ends with the wider front end on top of the little end, hold where they cross and then bring the wider end through underneath the spot where you're holding. Now, hold the spot where the two sides cross and bring the wider end to the other side and this time bring it through over where you were holding it. You should now have a nice little knot, so wrap the wider side from left to right and under the knot, and pull it through where you just wrapped it around the knot.

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