How To: Stretch Your Shoes with Ice (Michelle Phan's DIY Tips)

Stretch Your Shoes with Ice (Michelle Phan's DIY Tips)

There are several different ways to go about stretching your shoes. This method uses water, a ziplock bag, and a freezer. Michelle Phan demonstrates how:

From Michelle's site:

Tip 1

PVC shoes takes longer to stretch than leather, and sometimes it will shrink back to their original shape, but give it a try, you can make it permanent.

Tip 2

Be sure to stretch little by little, especially with leather shoes, if you over stretch them, you cannot shrink them back to their original size. It is easier and safer to stretch them at a smaller rate than large.

Tip 3

I do not recommend this on suede, for we all know if water gets on suede it turns it into a darker color. One way to remove sweat/water stains on suede is to get a suede brush or a pencil eraser and brush it off. Works for me EVERYTIME.

Tip 4

You can only stretch your shoes bigger NOT SMALLER.

For more detailed instructions, visit her site.

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