How To: Stop an angora sweater from shedding

Stop an angora sweater from shedding

Angora sweaters can look oh so stylish—or they can make you look like a crazy cat lady. Here's how to stop them from shedding.
You Will Need
* An angora sweater
* A ziplock freezer bag
* A freezer

Step 1: Put it in a bag
Carefully fold the angora sweater and place it in a sturdy plastic freezer bag.

Step 2: Place in freezer
Put the bag inside your freezer. Just don't confuse it with the frozen peas when you're making dinner.

Step 3: Wait
Keep the bag in the freezer for at least three hours—the longer, the better.

When you buy angora, spring for the expensive stuff. Cheap angora tends to be woven with looser fibers, leading to shedding.

Step 4: Wear it
Take the sweater out of the freezer when you're ready to put it on. It will warm up in a few minutes and will keep from shedding for the time you're wearing it.

Step 5: Put it back
When you're ready to take it off, put the sweater back in the freezer.

Fact: Johnny Depp said he loved the feel of wearing angora sweaters when he starred as a cross-dresser in Ed Wood.

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