How To: Perfectly iron a men's dress shirt

Perfectly iron a men's dress shirt

TM Lewin shows us his technique to perfectly iron a man's shirt. You should have what he calls an ironing kit. An iron with a good steaming function, a spray bottle, and a can of starch for a more formal look, and an ironing board. To start lightly spray the shirt with the water bottle. Start with the sleeve, to avoid and crease press firmly with the base of the iron not the tip. Make sure the shirt is flat so you will only have to press on side of the shirt. The collar of the shirt will be the tricky part. Steam to collar to open the fibers then firmly press from side to side of the collar. Fold to collar over and press just the middle for a good crease. Iron the remainder of the shirt with the collar buttoned and slip the shirt over the ironing board to prevent the shirt for moving around. After ironing place the shirt on a hanger and let it cool for 10 minutes and then it will be good to wear.

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