How To: Make your own custom t-shirt with screenprint

Make your own custom t-shirt with screenprint

This video demonstrates how to make your own custom t-shirt. First you start by placing a magazine on the table. First of all stenciled out whatever you want on a freezer paper. Next take the freezer paper shiny side faces down on the writing paper. So now you will be able to see whatever your drawing or text through the freezer paper. Next take the X-acto knife and cut out the letters. Next remove the peices from the freezer paper. Next place the stencil on the shirt and then iron the shiny side facing down. Next place a magazine under the shirt. Next black acrylic paint and shake it well. Take the medium paint and mix it into the black paint. The ratio is two part of black paint and one part of medium paint. Next take the paint brush and mix the paint well and paint the shirt. Next blow drier and dry the paint. Next take out the paper slowly. Next place a towel on the paint and iron it for 30 seconds. Then your shirt is ready to wear.

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