How To: Make a tutu without sewing

Make a tutu without sewing

Julie Figuera shows how to make a no-sew ballerina or princess tutu for little girls. 1. Get a 1/2-inch wide satin ribbon. Cut the ribbon about 20 inches long. 2. Measure 20 inches from each end of the ribbon. Tie a knot on the 20-inch mark. 3. Unfold a yard of tulle and roll, making sure there is no wrinkle. Cut the ends of the tulle to make it even. 4. Measure every 3 inches and cut. 5. Take each cut piece of tulle. Fold it in two and cut. 6. Take the smaller piece of the tulle, fold it in half and tie it in the ribbon. Push it all the way down to the knot. 7. Repeat the process for each piece of tulle. Arrange them in according to your chosen color pattern.

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