How To: Make a tiara-esque headband

Make a tiara-esque headband

Tiara-esque headbands are fun to make, and more importantly, fun to wear! You will need, 1 basic wide headband, 1 yard of cotton fabric, 1 yard tulle, flowers from the Crafts section, scissors, beads and rhinestones for details, a glue gun. Lay the headband over the fabric, towards the edge. Mold the fabric around the headband, leaving some extra fabric at the ends. Cut the fabric. Glue the fabric from the underside of the headband, and glue from end to end. Cut all excess fabric away, and trim the ends so that there's only a half-inch on each end. Fold the ends over and glue down. Try to make it as flat as possible. Lay the tulle neatly over the headband. Gather and pleat it as you glue the tulle. Trim the tulle. Pull flowers from the stem, and glue the flowers, according to your taste. Add beads or rhinestones for a personal touch! If you don't like flowers, use a big bow instead! There is no limit in creating your very own tiara!

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