How To: Make a hand-painted tie for Father’s Day

Make a hand-painted tie for Father’s Day

Handmade gifts are always appreciated. Hand painting ties can be wonderful, creative work, especially if it is for Dad on Father's Day. You'll make a keepsake he'll treasure forever.

You Will Need:
• Fabric
• Scissors
• A tie pattern
• Needle and thread
• Wax paper
• A charcoal pencil
• A shader paintbrush
• A liner paintbrush
• Fabric paints
• Mild detergent
• Fabric softener
• A sponge (optional)

Step 1: Select fabric
Select a washable natural-fiber, natural-blend fabric, preferably half cotton and half polyester.

Step 2: Cut two patterns
Cut two identical tie patterns and sew them together to create the tie.

Step 3: Wash and place on wax paper
Wash the tie once without fabric softener and place it on waxed paper to dry.

Step 4: Draw pattern
Draw a pattern using a charcoal pencil on the dry tie.

Step 5: Paint pattern
Paint the pattern. Use a shader paintbrush to fill in larger areas and a liner brush for long, flowing lines.

Step 6: Dry before washing
Allow 24 hours to dry, and 72 hours before washing. Use the gentle cycle, with mild detergent and fabric softener, and line dry.

Trivia: There are an estimated 64.3 million fathers in the United States.

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