How To: Hide your tummy with the right clothing choices

Hide your tummy with the right clothing choices

A big problem for many women is how to keep your tummy from showing. Well, YouTube user BeverlyLaneTV is here to help show you how by giving you examples of what you can wear. There are many ways to avoid the tummy showing but the easiest and most efficient way is simply clothes. Ruffle dresses are the first and the best way to cover your tummy and what this does is it give you a camouflaged look and it make a slender line across your mid section . Next are banded tops, which the band is at the bottom of the dress which creates volume on the top so the blouse come over your tummy instead of tighten it. The next item, is a dress with a waist belt preferably black and a wider size, it would clap on to your waist giving you more emphasis in you waist an not your stomach. The next dress, is an original black dress which black makes every one look slimmer, also a black dress with designs on them would help in slenderizing your tummy line. Also, try tops with natural lines on them. It's not restricting and it allows for the body to have a longer more slimmer look. Lastly, wear dresses that are very deep flow, material that doesn't stick so it allows for a cleaner less clingy look. Hope these dresses help out and give you the confidence needed to go out.

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