How To: Have a Perfect Denim Shopping Day

Have a Perfect Denim Shopping Day

Don't be afraid to go denim shopping. Preparation is the key! If you get all your ducks in order before going, you can come home with the perfect pair of jeans.

Step 1 Wear the proper clothes

Wear layers for easy on/off and slip on shoes. Don't forget a bottle of water for hydration—this is hard work!

Step 2 Make your plan

Plan out the stores and brands you want check out.

Step 3 Bring your smartphone

Take pictures with your phone and send to a friend if you need a second opinion.

Step 4 Bring the right shoes

Bring along the shoes you will be wearing with your jeans.

Step 5 Bring a tote

Bring along a big tote to carry everything.


  • Save time and do research on the internet on brands, styles, and recommendations for body type before you go to the mall.

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