How To: Fit properly into jeans - according to a gay man

Fit properly into jeans - according to a gay man

Learn what jeans best fit your body, and what jeans should never enter your closet in the first place. This "Everything you need to know about denim" video is slightly opinionated but still GREAT advice. It's always a pleasure to have our friend William Sledd of Ask a Gay Man dishing tutorials.

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I didn't want to laugh but I did. hehe

Thank you, you have served the world well....and never have i laughed so hard! (this comimg from a curvy mom---who never EVER wears mom jeans!) Still learned a lot! thanks :)


I really like cropped t shirts and jeans; highly warm and fashionable. Street apparel and glam grunge is so neat lately.I love this style, I will totally going to own one this season.

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