How To: Enhance your breasts

Enhance your breasts

In this video from TheCurrentCustom she teaches how to enhance your breasts. First she says you need to measure your breasts to figure out the right kind of bra for you. Take the measuring tape below your bust, and wrap around back, and then measure right above your bust. Round down to the nearest even number if you get an odd number. Then measure your bust size by wrapping the tape measure around the largest part of your bust, typically where your nipples are. Then subtract the bust size from band size. If you get a 0, then you are a AA. If you get a 1 you are an A. A 2 is a B, 3 is a C, and 4 is a D. She recommends push up bras. They push you in and up to where you need to be. Her favorite bra is the dream angel push up. She also likes the Very Sexy push up bra. Push up bras must have padding or else it won't push you up properly. The new bombshell bra makes you even 2 cup sizes larger. Another option is to add something called a "cupcake." If you wear that with a push up bra, you'll be 2 sizes bigger. If you want the focus on your breasts, add a bronzer or highlighter right in the cleavage.

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I love boobs too we would be good friends haha and especially big ones

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