How To: Destroy your (ex)boyfriend's jeans

Destroy your (ex)boyfriend's jeans

Jessica shows you how to relieve some anger and stress by turning your ex-boyfriend's favorite pair of jeans into new low-rider, distressed, destroyed vintage shorts in this fun tutorial. First step: fray them on the pockets and seams by using an X-acto knife. Just scrape the knife along the edges of the pockets/seams, which will take around five minutes per 2-inch section. Step 2: distress them by taking a pair of scissors and making a cut in the both knees. Then take a seam ripper (available at any sewing or crafts store) and separate all the horizontal threads around the hole. It will take around 15 minutes to get a nice, thread-covered hole. Step 3: fade the jeans on the thigh and back pocket area with a dish sponge and a cup of Clorox bleach (be sure to wear rubber gloves). Scrub the bleach on the jeans. Step 4: Crop the jeans and roll them up to create the shorts. Your ex will be furious!

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