How To: Cut up a Kat Von D inspired t-shirt

Cut up a Kat Von D inspired t-shirt

This video shows the method to cut a Kat Von D inspired t-shirt. You will need a t-shirt ans scissors. Cut out the seams of collar and sleeves. Cut both the sleeves into strips making it thin or thick according to your preference. Now flip the t-shirt so that its back can be seen. Cut the back of t-shirt down the middle to about an inch below the collar. Fold the t-shirt vertically along the cut. Cut parallel to the bottom of the t-shirt. Cut the back into strips. Cut the strips(thick or thin) till the top cut. Take two strips and tie them together with a knot. Tie all the strips together. Now wear the t-shirt and adjust the tightness by adjusting the knots. You can also cut the neck wider if you want.

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